Gymnastics x Game of Thrones | [13/16]

House Texas Dreams

The time has come for WOGA’s seat of the south to be challenged and House Texas Dreams to the west is a hotbed of burgeoning talent. A sunny, bright, breath of fresh air, Head of House Kim Z and her counterpart Chris run a gym brimming with success. Their girls are happy, sturdy, well rounded, and numerous. They are well paced as well as expressive and invested in their routines. If there are ambitious goals hanging in the air at House Texas Dreams, the girls aren’t encumbered by them. Support and enthusiasm run rampant amongst proteges and coaches. Although they’ve garnered a healthy amount of attention and accolades already, there ascends a young star that could carry the torch for House Texas Dreams to it’s first validating victory. Bailie Key, a mere junior, has swept every major competition this year, and wasn’t too shabby the year before. The fruit of Kim and Chris’s labor of love, Bailie stands to capture the golden crown of the quad; the Olympic AA title. Although, in true House Texas Dreams fashion, she shows no signs of buckling under pressure or unnecessary routines. The cheery confidence of Bailie, and House Texas Dreams, have become beloved by the masses, and their flame only burns brighter as the quad comes to a close in 2016. WOGA beware, as girls from Texas Dreams grow strong and hungry with each passing day, there may only be room for one southern seat. 


Gold [5 int / 4 dom], Silver [2 int], Bronze [5 dom]


Anonymous asked:

Based on Kyla's teammates she's really outgoing funny, not shy at all and she has her boy crush side LOL


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